I'Memento Gestio Cloud

Management software for funeral homes

With I'Memento Gestio software you can accept the assignment of funeral services and automatically generate all the documentation necessary to start the procedure, apart from managing the invoicing process.

Our software allows automatedly managing the bureaucratic aspects relative to the activity of the funeral home and represents the first step for the computerisation of your office.

The basic version of Memento Gestio manages the acceptance of the funeral assignment through the simple entering of all the information regarding the deceased and of the delegator. Once carried out this step the programme automatically realises all the forms necessary to carry out the bureaucratic procedure regarding the funeral service.

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I'Memento Gestio Cloud

The office at your fingertips, thanks to cloud storage

Pressing a key all the data are then transmitted to the Suite Grafica I'Memento Cloud (I’Memento Cloud Graphics Suite) for the realisation of the funeral posters, which can then be elaborated and modified as desired. The programme will realise the service order with all the relative data, and lastly, the invoice.

Data collection

Data collection

Find all the data necessary for the start of funeral procedures directly at the home of the deceased's family or in the hospital in electronic format, even from a mobile phone.

Document generation

Document generation

Generate documents to be signed by the delegator of the funeral service, issue invoices even outside your office, all automatically.

Digital signature

Digital signature

Thanks to the Certa Signature certificate you can have the client sign the documents from Tablet without having to print it, but having the same validity in terms of law.

Main features of Gestio Cloud
  • Automated document compilation.
  • Management of commitments and deadlines.
  • Automatic generation of funeral announcement.
  • Electronic Invoicing of Funeral Services.
  • Integrated Entratel Tax Expense Communication.
  • Signature of documents with digital graphometric signature
  • Greater security on saving data in the Cloud
  • Warehouse management of items
  • Statistics on incoming and outgoing turnover

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€ 249,99


Integrated Electronic Invoicing

The Gestio Software for funeral agencies allows you to create in a simple and automatic way the XML file necessary for sending the electronic invoice to the Revenue Agency, automatically filling in the necessary data based on the information entered in taking charge of the funeral.

By purchasing our Sending and Storage Service , the Software will manage the file autonomously, allowing you to receive all communications (delivery status, acceptance or refusal), affixing the digital signature and transmitting it to the system exchange of the Revenue Agency.

As mentioned, the Service monitors the status of delivery, acceptance or rejection of your electronic invoice and carries out digital storage of the invoices sent and related delivery notifications in accordance with ministerial regulations.

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Information Request

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