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Graphic Suite

Are you looking for graphics software?
Choose Memento!

With the Memento Graphics Suite, you'll be able to create all types of graphic documents you need. You'll be able to create announcement, in memorium card of all sizes, Signature Books, ribbons for floral wreaths, engrave metal tags and transfer images on metal.

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Remove the background

Remove image background?
Do it with one click!

If you have a deceased person's photo from which you have to remove the landscape behind it and make it transparent to be able to insert a new background at will, with I'M Cloud you no longer need to know how to use a photo retouching software, but you can only do it with a click, thanks to our exclusive service.

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Management Software

Funeral documents?
Gestio compiles them for you!

Are you tired of filling out the documents for taking charge of a funeral on paper, filling out the request for funeral transport, filling out the cremation request by hand and all the other documents necessary for a funeral service? Gestio allows you to generate these documents automatically.

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Electronic Invoicing

Are you worried about Electronic Invoicing?

With Gestio, electronic invoicing will no longer be a problem. Once you have created the invoice, it will be Gestio that will automatically send it to the Customer and to the Revenue Agency, allowing you to receive the notification of the invoice status.

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Information Request
Information Request

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