Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


A section specifically designed to deepen and answer the most frequently asked questions.
Here you will also find a series of videos explaining all the features of our software and how to install hardware peripherals.


Exist a 72-hour free trial version

Registration to the portal is free. Once the user account has been verified, it will be possible to activate the 72-hour Free trial version.


On all operating systems, both Windows and MacOS.

The Software doesn't need installations. It is a Cloud Software, so it can be used on all web browsers. If you use it by Windows PC, the only application to install is I'M Printing that optimize the printing process; if you usue it by PC Mac instead a PDF file will be produced for printing.

Basic on 3 devices.

The Software can be associated with 3 devices at a time. To add a fourth station it is necessary to reset the recordings via an email procedure. To work simultaneously on multiple locations, you will need to purchase a volume license.

I'Memento Cloud is a modular Software. This allows you to purchase only one module and you can add other modules at any time. You can buy daily, monthly or annual subscriptions.

I'Memento Cloud is a modular Software. This allows you to purchase only one module and you can add other modules at any time. You can buy daily, monthly or annual subscriptions.

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All types of funeral documents.

With I'M Cloud you can create and print announcements, in memorium card of various sizes, prelapids, thank you cards, signature books, metal plates, metal engraving and flower crown ribbons.

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No, the software works with all printers types.

The Software is designed to be configured with all printers. The printers we offer have been tested and the software has been designed to make the best print on these printers.

With our I'Memento Cloud software.

For each type of document, our Software allows you to send a draft of the document via email in JPG format. Otherwise, if you prefer to send a PDF, simply install a program for printing in Pdf (for example: Bullzip Pdf Printer, Cute Pdf, etc.).

On our server and therefore available from all workstations.

A rescue area dedicated to each user is created on our Cloud Server. In this area all the documents created with I'M Cloud Software will be saved and stored. This allows you to reopen a project from all of your devices. You will not lose any saved data.

No, you can cut them also by hand or with manual cutters.

The software is optimized with the necessary settings to perform the job in the shortest possible time with the electric cutters that we supply, but can also be configured for other equipment.

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Yes, there are videos in I'Memento Cloud portal and on our YouTube channel.

In the portal you will find videos explaining how to use each module with the main features. We also have a Youtube channel, where you can also find video tutorials for using the printers.


Simply access to the I'M Store area.

Once you have purchased a package, you will be able to purchase all the backgrounds and images created.

Video Tutorial

Create an in memoriam card

Create a metal plate

Backgrounds Management

Text Management

Image Management

Remove Image Background

Change Photo Background

Time Optimization

Folder Management

I'M Printing installation

Gestio quick guide

Flower List Management

Management of Posting Places

Electronic Invoice Management

Information Request
Information Request

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