In Memorium Card

printing and cutting

The best solutions to print and cut funeral in memorium card optimising times and costs.

The realisation of in memorium card has never been so easy and economical!

The best solution for printing in memorium card is I'Memento Cloud software that perfectly interfaces with all printer models, from multifunction ones to photo printers. With the selection of printers and cutters we propose, you can optimise printing times and costs.


Photo printers for funeral in memorium card

PIXMA 8350 photo printer

PIXMA 8350 photo printer

Sharp, sophisticated and with 6 separate ink cartridges, this multifunction printer is suitable for both creative and photography enthusiasts. 3 in one printer (Copy, Print, Scan). Ideal for printing souvenir with Memento Software.

Main characteristics:

  • Low print cost from € 0,11 per in memorium card
  • Size: up to A4
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Prints borderless
  • 6 XXL colour cartridges
  • Excellent Quality
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Canon PRO-1000 Photo Printer

Canon PRO-1000 Photo Printer

The photo printer PRO-1000 has a professional and functional design. Its solid structure ensures accurate ink distribution, while the manual feed slot allows using thick paper.

With Canon PRO-1000 you can obtain excellent results bringing your images to a higher level. The prints will valorise the quality of your photos, which you can exhibit and sell fully satisfying your clients’ expectations.

Discover the possibility of printing extraordinary borderless images up to A2 size without compromising quality. Taking advantage of the print speed and colour accuracy with the use of different media, such as glossy, opaque, and fine art paper, and canvas, you will surely obtain the results you desire.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: up to A2
  • Top quality printing for professional results
  • Faithful reproduction of colours and details
  • Print wireless and from Cloud
  • 12 80 ml cartridges
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Electric cutters

In Memorium Card Electric Cutter

In Memorium Card Electric Cutter

The in memorium card are realised on I'Memento In Memorium Card Software, they are duplex printed on photo paper. After realising the duplex printed in memorium card, the software puts 10 6x9 size or 8 7x10 size on A4 paper and sends them to be duplex printed on an inkjet or laser printer. Afterwards, the A4 sheets are cut in two phases and the in memorium card is laminated.

Manual positioning of the sheet for vertical cut outputting two sections along the entire sheet. The cut has double central and side trim. Manual positioning of the sheet for horizontal cut (activate with light pressure) outputting 5 or 4 in memorium card per single section. The cut has double central and side trim.

Main characteristics:

  • Automatic cutter
  • Double trim
  • Paper size: A4
  • Realises 6x9 and 7x10 sizes
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MEMautocut Electric cutter

MEMautocut Electric cutter

The in memorium card are made on the I'Memento Ricordo software, printed on double-sided A4 photographic paper, then the entire A4 sheet is laminated.

MEMAutoCut is an extremely versatile and intuitive automatic cutter. It is equipped with a friction sheet feeder (paper loading up to 25 mm thick) that allows you to make funeral souvenirs in a single step and quickly.
The cut in memorium card are placed neatly in the collection tray.
MEMAutoCut guarantees the cutting of paper with a weight up to 350 gr and gives the possibility to cut the A4 sheet already laminated.

After cutting, thanks to a corner rounder in a short time it is possible to eliminate the in memorium card corners.

Main features:

  • Automatic cut
  • Double edged
  • A4 paper
  • A4 size paper already laminated< / b>
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Laminator for Pouches

Laminator for Pouches

A4 and A3 size laminators ideal for the Memento system. Reliable, and economic, it was built with technical devices for intense work.

It hot or cold laminates even photos.

Main characteristics:

  • 4 rolls
  • REFLEX heating with curved plate
  • Max lamination thickness: 0.6 mm.
  • Work speed: 300 mm/min.
  • Reverse anti-jamming
  • Temperature regulation thermostat
  • It can use all thicknesses of pouches from 38 to 250 microns
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Software for the printing of In Memorium Card

I'Memento In Memorium Card Software is the most cutting-edge solution on the market for the printing of in memorium card.

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