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This website complies with European standard on the use of cookies. In order to successfully operate this website, sometimes we install on your device small data files called “cookies.” This website uses profiling cookies, that is, cookies introduced by third-party services which the website itself uses.

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What are Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website.

These are used to personalize user browsing and collect automatic information on access and use of the site.

When the website is trusted, as in the case of our portal, cookies help to improve and speed up its navigation, as well as facilitate your next visit by making the site more useful for your needs.

- When you visit a website for the first time, it asks you to accept a cookie for a specific domain. If you accept, the cookie is saved on your computer.

- Each time you view a resource in that domain, the browser sends the cookie.

Yes, you can block or allow cookies on all websites or you can choose the websites for which they are allowed.

Not necessarily. Blocking all cookies can actually help to protect privacy, but it limits the functionalities available on some websites. It is advisable to choose the websites for which cookies should be allowed. Therefore, you can initially block all cookies and then allow those needed for the websites you trust.

Temporary cookies (or session cookies) are removed from your computer when you close the browser. They are used to store temporary information, such as items in your cart.

Persistent cookies (or saved cookies) remain stored on your computer even after closing the navigation Browser. They are used to store information such as name and password for access, in order to avoid entering them again each time you visit a specific website. Persistent cookies can remain on your computer for days, months, or even years.

These cookies derive from the website displayed and can be persistent or temporary. They can be used to store information that will be reused next time you visit the same website.

Third Party cookies come from ads on other sites, such as pop-ups or banners, displayed in the website. They can be used to track the use of the website for marketing purposes.

- Google Fonts service by Google Inc. | Google Fonts is a service that allows combining and displaying customised font styles; it is managed by Google Inc.

- Google Analytics service by Google Inc. | Google Analytics is a service that allows monitoring the number of the visits on the website, supplying a detailed analysis of the origin of the visits, visited pages, and key words used to reach the website; it is supplied by Google Inc.

- PHPSESSID | Functionality of the Php language to keep the work session active for the entire duration of the browsing session of the registered user.

- preferred_language | Functionality allowing the user to find as set default language the one already selected, avoiding this way to select the language again for every connection.

- cookiebar | Functionality that informs the user about the use of cookies and methods to enable or disable them.

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